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Men’s Peshawari Chappals; an aesthetic combination of comfort, style and tradition - Urbansole

Men’s Peshawari Chappals; an aesthetic combination of comfort, style and tradition

Evergreen Peshawari Chappals 

Upgrade your shoe rack this summer with some elegant pair of comfortable Peshawari chappals. They are a significant part of the Pashtun tradition since the 19th century and they still love to wear them whenever they go out. It is not only popular among Pashtuns, but it is also popular among the other regions of Pakistan. You can call them a traditional variant of men’s sandals. It is popular as ‘Peshawari Chappals’ everywhere in Pakistan. 


Perfect for summers and Festive Events

During hot sunny days, men prefer to wear open shoes to comfort their feet. To stay comfortable yet classy during summers, you need to own our comfortable Peshawari chappal for men. Traditional shoe designs have their own splendour. We bring you our hot-seller collection of Peshawari chappals with graceful designs and vibrant colours. Whenever it is about festive events during summers, men always hand-pick traditional shoe designs. During the past few months, inflation has impacted the Peshawari chappal price in Pakistan but we have still kept our prices reasonable.


Combo of tradition & comfort

If you are looking for a comfortable Peshawari chappal online, you need to check out our wide range of Peshawari chappals. We have the perfect combination of quality and comfort We have always manufactured the best design Peshawari chappals with the utmost focus on quality and finishing. Multiple shoe brands are selling Peshawari chappals but you may not be able to find your perfect fit. Youngsters love to wear them as a fashion statement. Keeping in mind your comfort and fashion needs, we are offering feet-friendly Peshawari sandals online. Men are always choosy about their shoes because they can’t compromise on quality. All of our 

 Peshawari chappals or Kherris are made of high-quality leather, soft inner sole and durable outer sole. 

Elegant Black Chappals – For Daily wear

If you are looking for a decent pair of black Peshawari chappals, we have got you covered with this sleek design. Its plain faux leather adds to the exquisiteness of this chappal. Black traditional shoes are a must-have for every man because they go well with all Shalwar Kameez colours. Imagine wearing this black chappal with a graceful white Shalwar Kameez at a festive event. Great look, right? Black colour can make everything look smarter and this design will perfectly complement your Eastern look. It is the best Peshawari chappal you can find online. It will become your favourite in no time. It is available at a very good price as compared to any other norozi kheri price in Pakistan.


Checkered Peshawari Sandals - For a signature look

We know Peshawari sandals online shopping is not an easy task. You have to put a lot of trust in the brand from which you are buying. Most men prefer to buy designer sandals from well-known brands to avoid any risks. These trendy Peshawari summer sandals are one of the most demanded designs for this season. It has dazzling jute upper in a checkered pattern, cushioned inner sole and sturdy rubber outer sole for a perfect grip. Get ready to collect praises by donning this exclusive design and enjoy a comfortable walk. It can be a sound choice with any black Shalwar Kameez. We know you are already in love with these sandals and longing to buy them. So what are you looking at? Go for them and slay your way!



Splendid Navy Blue Chappals – For an élite look

Your shoes define your personality. If you have a good taste in shoes, it means you are a well-dressed man. After all, who doesn’t want to leave an endless impression with their shoes? Of course, all men want to. These Peshawari leather sandals for men in navy blue colour are a true depiction of an ethnic tradition of Charsadda. The finest textured leather, contrasting inner sole and durable rubber tyre outer sole is enhancing its appeal. If you are looking for unique Peshawari summer sandals then it’s waiting to be in your cart. Usually, men go for brown or black men sandals with all of their ethnic attires. It’s time to break the ice by wearing these vibrant and stylish sandals for men to rock your desi look.


Camel Peshawari Sandals - For a minimalistic look

Another top-class design to buy this summer season is this hot-seller in camel colour. By far, these are top on the list of best sandals for men. It is a neutral colour that can be a good alternative to black or brown. It’s time to spruce up your summer shoe rack with these fabulous Peshawari sandals. Its layered outer sole along with relaxing inner sole will let you enjoy for long hours without causing any discomfort. Perfect choice!


Perfect Quality & Perfect Price 

Price is an important aspect when selecting high-quality shoes online. You will be happy to see that all of our comfortable and top-class Peshawari chappals are reasonably priced. Getting your hands on high-quality Peshawari chappals at the best prices is a mere blessing. Our exclusive Peshawari chappals are perfectly made for your feet with long-lasting sole, skin-friendly leather upper and padded shoe inner. You will enjoy wearing them due to their high comfort level that ensures your feet are pleased. Buy it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones. Happy shopping!

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