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Claim Policy


Major Defects – (Unrepairable Manufacturing Faults)

  • Damage to the sole
  • Damage to the upper
  • Pasting issues (sole/upper separation)

Minor Defects – (Repairable Faults)

  • Stitching issues
  • Pasting issue (Over Pasted)



  • Products showing signs of excessive wear, such as vanished sole prints or misshapen uppers.
  • Wrinkled products are not eligible for claims as leather naturally wrinkles.
  • Shoes that have lost their shape due to use (not a manufacturing defect).
  • Products scratched through use.
  • Damage to the sole or upper of the shoe caused by fire, burns, heat, etc.
  • Intentional pulling of the sole and upper resulting in adhesive issues.


    1. We offer a 30-days claim policy for any of the issues listed above.
    2. If you encounter any issues, please contact our helpline (03460000128) for assistance.
    3. Our team will provide you with a return label upon contacting our helpline.
    4. Please ensure to print both the return label. Pack the parcel securely and drop it off at your nearest courier office told by our team and take receiving from them on a copy of the shared label and share it to us on WhatsApp (03460000128).
    5. Once the parcel has been received at our warehouse, our Quality Control team will inspect the product. 
    6. If your claim is approved as Minor Defect then the product will be repaired and shipped back to you on Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) (Rs.200) as shipping fee.
    7. If your claim is approved as Major Defect then you will receive a voucher of the amount you paid.
    8. Vouchers can be used any time and has no expiration date.
    9. A vouchers full amount is used, partial usage is not permissible.
    10. Cash refunds are not applicable to any orders.
    11. Vouchers can not be combined with other promotional vouchers.
    This process can take upto 10 - 15 business days. We hope this clarifies our claim policies. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

      The final decision will be taken by the Quality Control Department.