Return & Exchange Policy

To establish a proper procedure for treatment and handling of Claimed Pairs and ensure effectiveness of claim policy.

No Question for exchange in 3 days
All products purchased from must be exchanged within 15 days. The

products can be exchanged under the following conditions only:

The item(s) is damaged, faulty or defective at the time of delivery. OR


Returning by store

Product/item ordered online can be exchanged at any urbansole exclusive retail store if it is located in your city.

No return to store will be accepted without invoice copy of online store sent with the package.

Returning by courier

In case our store is not located in your city, the item will have to be sent back to urbansole office, the cost of which the customer will bear. A replacement unit will then be issued and sent back to the customer. Please mention the fault in the product when returning by courier so that your return process can take place swiftly and hassle free.

You may send your return to the following address and name Address it to:
Urbansole Esales
Shafi Private Limited

13KM Sheikhupura road, Lahore.

Please note that auto generated email does not confirms whether your order is in stock or not due to high influx of orders.
If the order is in stock it will be sent to you otherwise brand will not be responsible to send same order.

There can be lag in the order confirmation in SALE days.


Following steps shall be followed by all concern departments and officials positively;


Manager will review the complaint / claim shoes based on following criteria; 1. Major Defects Unrepairable Manufacturing Faults

a. Sole damage
b. Upper damage
c. Pasting Issue (Sole / Upper separation)

2. Minor Defects Repairable Faults a. Stitching Issue

b. Pasting Issue (Over pasted)

Non – Claimable

Based on following criteria, the customers who has such products shall not be entertained for claim;

  1. Customer doesn’t have original sales invoice.

  2. Products is over used i.e. sole prints have vanished, d-shaped upper etc.

  3. Wrinkled product are not claimable product. As wrinkle is natural behavior of leather. Managers

    need to guide customer properly

  4. Shape out shoes, which is not the manufacturing defect.

  5. Water damaged shoes.

  6. Scratches due to wear and tear.

  7. Sole / upper damaged because of burn, fire, heat etc.

  8. Deliberately pull the sole and upper to make pasting issue

The item(s) does not match the original specifications of the product or is found to be not the same as you had actually purchased.

  •   The size you ordered is smaller or larger compared to your foot size

  •   No claim of replacement shall be entertained unless the sale invoice is produced and a tangible complaint is made, within 15 days of the sale.

  •   No claim of repair will be entertained unless it is lodged within 15 days from the date of purchase.

  •   The decision of the quality control department of the company, with regard to the defect will be final.

  •   Once the claim of repair is entertained, the customer shall receive the shoes, back within 15 days from the notified due date.