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Perfect Casual Sandals For a Casual Day - Urbansole

Perfect Casual Sandals For a Casual Day

The season for those classy casual sandals and slippers is not going to end anytime soon! That’s why we are here to give you the ultimate guide for the best casual footwear for men! 

As you step out of the workplace, all you care about is ditching those formal suits and shoes and jumping into the most comfortable slippers for the rest of the day! Oh but wait! What if your family is in the mood for a casual family dinner or get together. That means having to switch back to a fairly decent outfit as well as slipping into casual footwear in an instant. In situations like these, when you want to ditch those formal shoes, casual footwear can be your best friend. 

Urbansole has heard you! That’s why we are here to present you with our finest collection of men’s casual footwear. We are committed to providing you with the finest quality shoes that are not only comfortable to walk in but are also stylish and trendy. Our shoes are meticulously crafted and carefully designed so that you get the best pair of shoes with each purchase. 

So here we are with another informational blog to give you an insight into our best-selling branded shoes for men. Buckle your seat belts because we have a list of must-have winter footwear

The finest sandal collection: 

The first casual footwear we have selected for you is this open toe leather dark brown sandals. These are made with the most comfortable innersole and a tough leather outsole. This sandal is crafted with love and care to give you a wearing experience like no other! The sandals have three broad strips running across the outer sole to give it a unique stylish look. This unique design will surely make you stand out as you put them on. 

Another special feature of these sandals is that they are lightweight and airy making them a perfect choice amongst leather sandals for men. The insole has leather cushioning to make them look stylish and the outsole is made up of thermoplastic rubber and polyurethane to make them flexible and ideal for everyday use. The dark brown color will never let these sandals go out of style. 

The open toe sandals:

Classy black sandals will never go out of style! That’s why our next pick is this black leather sandal. This sandal is a must-have for your summer wardrobe because it is comfy, stylish and timeless. The sandal is made using the finest quality cow leather and is designed to give you comfort and elegance. The sandal stands out simply because of the classic black color which makes them look good with any outfit. These casual shoes for men can be worn with traditional shalwar Kameez as well as with any casual bottoms such as denim jeans and even trousers. 

These sandals can level up your style game in an instant because they are stylish, comfortable and are made with a premium quality innersole and a soft comfortable outer sole. The sandals look perfect with any traditional eastern wear or casual shorts and trousers. 

The closed-toe sandals for men: 

If you are someone who loves to wear moccasins and loafers then these are for you! This closed-toe sandal is a perfect choice to complement your casual wear. They are the best shoes for men who want to look best by doing the minimum. 

They are made using medicated technology to aid comfort while walking. The special reflexology triggers the special pressure points in your feet that have been medically proven to relieve pain and support the body posture. The soft in-cushioning provides comfort, especially while walking long distances and the outer sole gives a stylish look. 

These close toe sandals are made with the finest quality cow finished nubuck leather and the outsole is made using thermoplastic which is lightweight and gives your feet a very airy feel. So don’t forget to invest in the best sandals for men. 

Stylish and unique designs: 

We are here with the finest summer footwear for you. The sandals are specially made with lightweight thermoplastic which allows comfort while walking long distances. The outer sole is made with unique and stylish leather to give you a sleek and smart pair of casual sandals. They are perfect for all casual occasions. Whether it’s a casual day at home, a lunch with friends or family, you can count on our sandals to give you the utmost comfort and relaxation. All these features make these a must-have men’s footwear for the summer season. The medicated reflexology provides strength and support for the body posture and reliefs pain making them ideal for people with joint problems or diabetes. 

You may be thinking that these sandals would be super expensive because of the leather outer lining. Not at All! They are trendy and affordable. You can get comfortable casual sandals within the range of your budget. So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite casual footwear now! 


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