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Urbansole presents you the finest shoes for summer season to cover all your comfort needs - Urbansole

Urbansole presents you the finest shoes for summer season to cover all your comfort needs

 Finally the climax of summer season is on its way and brands have already launched their summer collections. Have you planned to buy any summer slipper yet? You surely need to buy some relaxing pair of shoes to refresh yourself to pass these hot sunny days with the right enthusiasm. Going to sea side or enjoying pool fun may seem the best choice but in order to have a daily relief, start with your shoes! Wearing some comfortable shoes all day long can save you from the foot related issues. Always go for the best design in shoes whenever you decide to shop physically or online. We know how to keep your feet comfortable in all seasons and how to create the most fashionable yet comfortable designs.

Best Summer Shoes at Urbansole

We all are very well-aware of the fact that summer footwear is the hottest among all four seasons but we can’t stop stepping out of the house. Whether it is about going to office daily or going out with friends and family on the weekends, you really need to be summer ready if you want to beat the heat. Wearing lightweight clothes is one factor that can add comfort to your daily routine but a nice-looking pair of super comfortable shoes is another important factor. No doubt, shoes play a vital part in completing and complementing your overall look but more importantly, they play a crucial role in your feet’s health. Wearing uneasy and discomfited shoes for summer season just in the name of fashion can cause serious problems to your feet. If you are wearing a shoe with a wrong size, low quality material and uncushioned inner sole and lining then you will end up in feet blisters, bunions, calluses and in some cases even surgery. We are sure that none of you wants to go through this pain. You really need to be very serious and act wisely while purchasing shoes. Moreover you won’t be able to have fun while going out if you are wearing the wrong shoes. You need to hand-pick those shoes that are trendy, striking and foot-friendly to enjoy this season.

Why our shoes are the best choice for men and Women


Shoes being an everyday necessity, demands top-quality. Our shoes carry our weight all day long while impacting overall body. We have specially designed the best shoes for men and women to make them feel fabulous and easy all the time. Sometimes fashion and quality don’t go hand-in-hand and in that confusing case you should always prefer quality

Pretty-looking shoes are equally significant but you can’t put quality on stake. Our summer collection is here to fulfil your style, quality and comfort need together. You don’t have to get worried about any single factor. We have always used excellent quality leather, top-notch rubber and extremely soft inner cushion while making our shoes. This is one of the reasons that we are standing tall as one of the best shoe brand in footwear industry.


As compared to market pricing, we have kept our prices very reasonable and tolerable for masses. Sometimes it is quite easy to find some nice-looking cheap sandals and slippers but such shoes don’t even last longer than three to four months. We are selling high-quality shoes at the best prices that you won’t be able to find anywhere else online. A big brand like us offering the most affordable rates, is a mere blessing when prices and costs are constantly rising.


Perfect-fitting and comfortable shoes that encourage good foot health do not have to be unappealing. The important point to remember is that the shoes allow your feet to comfortably exist in its natural shape, which can be achieved by relaxing footwear design. Our shoes are composed of inner cushion that gives proper support to your feet. The soft inner cushioned lining in all of our summer shoes collection makes it the most promising collection.

Hot-Picks for You

Sia Us 0104

Since the launch of our latest summer collection, this has become a hot selling article. This chocolate brown toned sandal is the most powerful choice for creating the perfectly Eastern or Western look. It is made of pure cow leather with buffalo leather lining. Inner is highly soft due to the cushioned lining and outer sole is made of thermoplastic rubber which is lightweight and durable. Slay your look by donning these bonzer sandals.

Sandal LD 2301

Hey ladies! It’s time to upgrade your shoe rack by adding these winsome sandals in blue colour. It is one of the fabulous summer footwear for ladies who seek comfort and style together. You can pull off your Eastern as well as Western attire with these casual sandals. The elegant dotted and textured upper shoe leather adds to the modern look of it. Broader outer rubber sole and inner sole speaks for the higher comfort level associated with it.


Sneaker CM 2257

This gorgeous grey coloured contemporary sneaker with a neon green lining is the perfect choice for your casual wear. It has a TPR sole for good grip and durability. It’s cushioned inner lining will keep your feet relaxed for long hours. Pair it up with your casual clothes while going to university or going out with friends. It’s time to create an oomph with these dandy sneakers.



If you want to buy the most relaxing, perfectly fitted and stylish shoes for summer season, you really need to visit our website. We bet you will love every design.

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