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Urbansole’s Eid Collection for Men and Women – Graceful, Comfortable and Breathable - Urbansole

Urbansole’s Eid Collection for Men and Women – Graceful, Comfortable and Breathable

Hi there everyone. We hope everyone’s Ramadan is going well. Are you in the middle of prepping your Eid closet? You must be. If you are looking for elegant and trendy footwear to adorn with your Eid outfits, look no more, Urbansole is all set to serve you. We have an elegant variety of branded shoes for men and women personifying grace and comfort that will be a perfect fit for Eid day. Since it is summer, you need shoes that are not only gorgeous but also breathable. 

Urbansole’s sandals for men and women are not only elegant in looks but they also ensure adequate breathability to keep your feet comfortable. We make absolutely no compromise when it comes to the quality of our footwear and we promise that our footwear is worth every single penny you will spend on it. Ladies and gentlemen! Pull up your socks ‘cause we are about to introduce you to our sophisticated and top notch festive collection of premium quality Eid shoes.

Our Festive Collection for Gentlemen

Urbansole’s elegant and dapper collection of moccasins and peshawris intend to be the perfect go-to shoes for Eid festivities. Each article of moccasins and peshawris is available in different staple hues and is handcrafted by our experienced team of proficient craftspeople who leave no stone unturned in ensuring first rate quality of our footwear. You will find our retail and e-store stocked up with only the best shoes for men that will lift your style game instantly and bring you comfort and ease as well. 

Moccasins for Formal and Semi Formal Eid Parties

Our moccasin collection for men is three things explicitly. Dapper. Breathable. Comfortable. Urbansole’s moccasins for men are manufactured using only first rate genuine cow leather with finest quality finished buffalo leather lining and soft insole cushioning making them the most comfortable shoes to adorn at all the semi-formal and formal Eid parties you will be attending this year. Our finest quality moccasins are available in black and brown hues to match with your party outfits.

Peshawris to Go with your Shalwar Kameez

Just like shalwar kameez, peshawris are a staple for Eid. Gentlemen mostly wear shalwar kameez on first day of Eid. The kinds of footwear that go with gents’ shalwar kameez are moccasins, dress shoes and peshawris. Men usually like to adorn peshawri chappals with their cuffed shalwar kameez and rightly so, no other combination looks more bomb than this one. Available in a variety of elegant designs and each design in different staple colors, Urbansole’s peshawris are also manufactured using only premoum quality finished cow leather making them the most comfortable leather sandals for men.

Our entire range of international quality moccasins and peshawris for men is exclusively available at Urbansole’s retail stores and e-store at budget friendly prices. If you want to stay at home and practice social distancing given the current situation due to COVID, we completely understand and offer our entire stock at our website. You can visit our e-store, pick your favorites and they will be only a click away from arriving at your doorstep.

Our Festive Collection for Ladies

Be it heel sandal or open flats, Urbansole has got it all for you ladies out there. Eid ul Fitr and summers will go hand in hand this year and you definitely need shoes that are not only elegant and chic in looks but also airy enough to keep your feet sweat free. If you seek a sophisticated ladies sandal to complement your gorgeous Eid outfit, look no further, visit Urbansole’s retail store or e-store for amazing ladies footwear that will not only elevate your style but also keep you comfortable indefinitely. 

Pretty and Decent Open Flats

Oh don’t we all love cute and decent open flats that not only ensure comfort and ease when it comes to walking but also perfectly complement our outfit and elevate our fashion game? Yes. Yes. And yes. If you seek a pretty pair of open flat sandals for women, come to Urbansole and prepare to be dazzled by what we have in store for you. Take a look at the following floral number. Available in staple black and beige hues, this pretty article can easily complement so many Eid outfits of yours. Its soft cushioned insole will make walking easy for you and breathability for your feet will not be a problem at all.

Now we all need gorgeous pairs of heels to go with our formal outfits we have kept ready for all the Eid parties we will be attending. Nevertheless, we also want to be comfortable wearing them throughout the party. Urbansole’s heels will be your best companion for all those Eid milan parties in terms of style and comfort. Take a look at the following elegant article. Available in staple white and beige hues, this stunning pair of heels will be perfect footwear for women this Eid.

Just like men’s festive footwear collection, our entire range of ladies footwear for Eid is also available not only in retail stores but at our e-store as well. You can visit our retail store to shop away your picks or you can also do online shopping at our website without any fear of getting scammed. We promise we deliver exactly what we advertise and you will find our products and services nothing short of quality and comfort.

So ladies and gentlemen. Spit spot. Eid ul Fitr is just around the corner and if you seek elegant footwear to go with your Eid outfits, Urbansole is all geared up to meet your needs. You will find our festive collection worthy of every penny you spend on it, we promise. Good day, Eid mubarak in advance and happy shopping.

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