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Urbansole’s Latest Spring Summer Collection 2021 With Traditional Shoe Designs - Urbansole

Urbansole’s Latest Spring Summer Collection 2021 With Traditional Shoe Designs

Hey boys, we know the wedding season is still not over yet and you must be looking for some traditional shoe designs to manage your desi events by following customary footsteps handsomely. Don’t stress yourself because Urbansole is here with its amazing peshawari chappal collection. Wohoo! The rich and vibrant hues of black and brown would make you fall in love with these chappals. High quality and original leather has been used to make these shoes with utmost focus on finishing and detailing.

This traditional footwear has been originated by Pashtuns in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and now it is worn by men all over Pakistan due to its distinctive style. These are not only loved by the younger men but older men also adore this shoe style because it looks super dapper with Shalwar Kameez or any desi attire. Be it a blissful Friday or any festive event, peshawari sandals is the first choice of every man to complete his eastern look.

Enhance your desi style with our Peshawari sandals

There are many ways to do some trendy styling by using these chappals to achieve a completely smart yet traditional look. Usually our young males love to stay casual and cool all day especially in summers. But then there are some fashion lover boys who are always ready to create various distinctive styles in order to stay unique. Much appreciation for you guys! Everyone can do fashion but not everyone knows how to carry the clothes well with a perfect pair of shoes.

Urbansole’s spring summer collection will surely persuade you to buy peshawari chappal online because of the catchy colors and leather textures. Every young lad should definitely have this shoe style in their shoe rack as it complements any form of Eastern style. If you are planning to wear a Shalwar Kameez or any kurta pajama then a traditional leather chappal in form of koala puri or peshawari style is the best option.

Pair our Peshawari chappal with your favorite Eastern attires for festive events

Let’s talk about how you can pair your desi attires with our wide range of shoes. If you just got invited to your friend’s mehndi and looking for few elegant options then don’t think twice and head on to our website, open the men’s peshawari sandals and buy our hot seller PESHAWARI PW 1307 in maroonish brown color with slightly textured leather. Pair it up with any vibrant color Shalwar Kameez and a pretty Ajrak stoler to attain a head turning look.

If you are planning to attend a nikah and you have bought a classy Kurta with a straight cut Pajamas then go for our PESHAWARI PW 1309. Add a dash of sophistication by wearing a contrasting plain or printed waist coat. You are all set to rock the Nikah event with a debonair look. You can also still look charming wearing just our leather chappal and kurta pajamas not everyone loves to wear a waist coat.

What other options you can try on?

If you are getting ready for a Jumma prayer and wearing a white Shalwar Kameez then try our PESHAWARI PW 0303 in brown colour to achieve an urbane and tidy look because dressing every week for Jumma is a sunnah.

If you are excited to attend a Qawwali night in a pure black shalwar Kameez with a shawl or any stoler on your shoulder then PESHAWARI PW 1307 in shiny black would be the most appropriate choice to steal the night with your rich yet traditional look.

black peshawari chappal can be worn with any Eastern dress be it a shalwar kameez, a kurta pajama, a sherwani or any dhoti Shalwar. As we just previously mentioned it all depends how you will carry yourself. Sometimes a jeans kurta also looks really very nice if paired with a peshawari chappal to create a fusion look. All up you!

Offering Best prices for leather chappals in town

Now you must be thinking what would be the price of our spring summer collection? Right? Well, you would be really amazed to know that all these comfortable Peshawari shoes are reasonably priced. The price starts from 2799 and goes to 3799 which is extremely budget friendly for a pure branded leather chappal. The best part about this new collection is that all the shoes are highly comfortable with durable sole, skin friendly leather upper and padded shoe inner. Whichever shoe design you will select it will be delivered on time as per your expectations. So boy, what are you waiting for? Buy the Peshawari chappals right away!

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